Transnatural Perspectives

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"Welcome to the Transnatural Perspectives where we’re putting nature in focus as we cultivate global perspectives on Society & Culture across Environments & Landscapes. Here is just a little introduction to tell you what this show is all about."

"Our guests Estella Kuchta & Sean Blenkinsop discuss their long-term research project and upcoming book "Ecologizing Education". Ecologizing Education is a radically new, pedagogical model—one that aims to spark massive cultural change, resist and overcome alienation, prepare learners for the challenges of an uncertain future, and potentially reverse industrialized nations’ current destructive course."

"Bob Henderson is a Writer, Speaker, Educator, and Travel Guide from Ontario, Canada who served for 3 decades as a professor of Outdoor Education at McMaster University, as well, he is the current resource editor for Pathways: The Ontario Journal of Outdoor Education. Together, in the episode, we dig into a number of topics including Friluftsliv, the ‘3rd way’, the anti-adventure narrative, the role of the facilitator, technology in the wilderness, wild pedagogies, cultural change, and how all education is political (and more!).

For more info on Bob's Travels, teachings, and writings you can check out his website: bobhenderson.ca."

"Victor Elderton has lead a life of imagination, exploration, community and education in the great outdoors of British Columbia. Victor has been working within Nature-based Learning and Leadership for 30+ years primarily with the Cheakamus Center just outside of Vancouver, Canada. He is currently working on a PhD at Simon Fraser University about the Impact of Place & Nature-based Experiential Learning for Students who Attended North Vancouver Outdoor School over the past 50 years.

Click here for more info on the Cheakamus Centre."