Our Story

Our Story

This song, written by Remy Rodden, is inspired by the Wild Pedagogies movement.  The lyrics describe curiosity, adventure, and a "rythym with nature" as necessities for a "wild" learning experience.  For more from this eco-singer, visit his website:

Dynamic Discussions

Global Connections

Wild Pedagogies aims to connect like-minded individuals who aim to use education to achieve a  a more sustainable future.  Our colloquiums and meetings are designed to encourage collaboration through immersive outdoor experiences.





Canoeing in the Yukon

An aim of this colloquium, that travelled by canoe on the Yukon River, was to challenge dominant cultural ideas about control—of each other, of nature, of education, and of learning. It rested on the premise that an important part of education can include intentional activities that provide a fertile field for personal and purposeful experience without controlling the outcomes, and hence wild pedagogies.  Check out our trip website!

Rafting in Tasmania

During December 2016 a group of educators, adventurers, learners, scholars, and now friends, travelled down the Franklin River in Tasmania to discuss ideas of wild pedagogies and more specifically how they might be applied in practice. Many of the ideas that emerged through this journey in place are published in a Special Issue 21(3) of the Journal of Outdoor and Environmental Education.

Sailing in Scotland

A gathering of 15 international wild pedagogues that took place off the West Coast of Scotland on a large sailboat, The Lady of Avenal, and on the small island of Luing, near Oban. The aim of this colloquium was to travel together through this Scottish landscape while taking part in an intentionally collaborative project. An aim was to be inspired by the place and produce the notes, ideas, and writing that would be shaped into the book: Wild Pedagogies: Touchstones for Renegotiating Education and the Environment in the Anthropocene (2018, Palgrave Pivot).

A Walking Colloquium Norway

A group of about 30 wild pedagogues met in Finse, Norway to discuss frilusftliv, glaciers, and the works and writing of Arne Naess.

Publications from this event will be coming soon in the Canadian Journal of Environmental Education (CJEE), Pathways Magazine, Policy Futures in Education, and the Australian Journal of Environmental Education.