Pedagogy in the Anthropocene: Re-Wilding Education for a New Earth. 2022. Edited by Michael Paulsen, jan jagodzinski, and She M. Hawke. Part of the Palgrave Studies in Educational Futures Collection.

Wild Pedagogies Special Issue: Canadian Journal of Environmental Education.  Vol 25.  2022. Edited by

Aage Jensen, Marianne Presthus Heggen, Bob Jickling, Sean Blenkinsop

Paddling Pathways: Reflections from a Changing Landscape, May 2022.  Edited by Bob Henderson and Sean Blenkinsop. ISBN : 9781988783819

Re-Purposing Universities for Sustainable Human Progress, 2022. 

This collection represents a major and very timely commentary on the role that higher education must assume in our times of multiple global crises

Wild Pedagogies Special Issue, Spring 2020, 32(3). Pathways; The Ontario Journal of Outdoor Education. ISSN: 0840-8114.

Wild Pedagogies: Six Initial Touchstones for Early Childhood Environmental Educators by Bob Jickling, Sean Blenkinsop, Marcus Morse, and Aage Jensen

Wild Pedagogies Special Issue, Summer 2016, 28 (4).  Pathways; The Ontario Journal of Outdoor Education. 

Wild Pedagogies: Six Touchstones for Childhood Nature Theory and Practice by Sean Blenkinsop, Bob Jickling, Marcus Morse and Aage Jensen

Our philosophy is to (re)learn how to dwell in a place and such our contributors create works that are collaborative and interdiscplinary in nature.  Many publications regarding Wild Pedagogies do not fall into the modern confines of typical academia.

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Our book is available on Amazon for purchase.  It outlines the touchstones we have developed as essential aspects of the transformation of education for a more sustainable future.

              "This book explores why the concept of wild pedagogy is an essential aspect of education in these times; a re-negotiated education that acknowledges the necessity of listening to voices in a more than human world, and (re)learning how to dwell in a place.

         As the geological epoch inexorably shifts to the Anthropocene, the authors argue that learning to live in and engage with the world is increasingly crucial in such times of uncertainty. The editors and contributors examine what wild pedagogy can truly become, and how it can be relevant across disciplinary boundaries: offering six touchstones as working tools to help educators forge an onward path.

                   This collaborative work will be of interest to students and scholars of wild pedagogies, alternative education and the Anthropocene, and for all those engaged in re-wilding education."

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- a novella outlining the experience of Walking with Glaciers from our 2019 colloquium in Finse, Norway the Australian Journal of Environmental Education

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