Learning from more-than-human voices.

Wild Pedagogies aims to renegotiate what it means to be human in relationship with the world by engaging in deep and  transformational change through the use of educational practices.  

The 6 Touchstones for Wild Pedagogies

provide the resources for practicing educators to challenge the dominant

paradigm and educate in a more sustainable way.

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Upcoming Events and Colloquiums

First Wild Pedagogies in Greece

Wild Pedagogues of Greece (WPG) are meeting on Rhodope Mountains, North Greece in a five-day wild camp event to exchange, communicate, heal, feel and produce concrete outcomes for the dissemination of wild pedagogies in the educational community.

This first meeting is held in Greek only, but we hope to grow bigger and shoot international roots and stems.

If you're interested in joining this conference, Click Here!

August 17-22, 2021

Permaculture and Wild Pedagogies


Exploring how agricultural techniques that mirror the natural environment are an extension of the Wild Pedagogies Touchstones. 

More information TBD!



*Due to COVID 19 many of the Wild Pedagogies Conferences are being rescheduled.  Please bare with us as we navigate these strange times!*